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Science 1ºA, B y C. Week 21st-23rd October. To finish the Unit 1: Our School…and to Start a new one!!

por | 20 octubre 2020

Behaviour at school Dear students… You are so kind, I know! Anyway, we are going to learn a little about good behaviour. Let’s go! To make it easy, we are going to use a reinforcement about good behaviour. Now, we are going to check our progress (pages 16 and 17 of your book).

Science 1º A, 1ºB and 1ºC. Weeks 5th -16th October 2020

por | 13 octubre 2020

UNIT 1: OUR SCHOOL Hello! My name is Miriam! We are going to learn funny things, playing, singing, drawing and writing! Esta programación, va dirigida al alumnado de 1ºA, 1ºB y 1º C. A continuación os enseño lo que vamos a trabajar durante las próximas dos semanas. Come on! Pages 6-7 What is the name… Leer más »